[Epiphany] A Safari Through Safari...


Yes, me too: I'm not happy with Epiphany's current bookmarks implementation.
Even with the bookmarks menu in 0.7.0, it's still not there, and I think
it's a deeper design issue than a "where do we put the widgets?" issue.

Upon realising that most of my suggestions would end up being along the
lines of, "Safari does a very clever thing about this...", I thought I'd
summarise some of its really clever features for anone who hasn't used it
yet. Of course, in this first version of the document, I've concentrated on
its bookmarks model. :-)

Hopefully you guys think this is worth further thought, and are willing to
look to Safari for inspiration.

If anyone has further questions about how it works, I'd be very happy to
answer them (and update the document).


- Jeff

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