Re: [Epiphany] load new tabs in background

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 20:39, Steve Salazar wrote:
> Is loading new tabs in the background (ala mozilla's "Tab Display: Load 
> Links in Background" option) just not implemented yet or is this something 
> that was decided should never be implemented for ui ascthetic reasons?
> I hope it appears soon as it is probably the #1 thing blocking me from using 
> epiphany all the time.

Hem that should just work, maybe you had the old pref set, in cvs we
dropped the pref completely, so it just load in background.

> Also, new tabs appear next to the one they were launched from.  Wil there be 
> an option to get them to appear at the end of the tab list instead?  I find 
> tabs opening like this to be very confusing when I open a bunch of tabs from 
> a bunch of different windows.  Maybe just a gconf pref?

Well tabs opened from a site are put near it, new tabs are put at the
end. What's confusing with this behavior ?


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