Re: [Epiphany] load new tabs in background

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 20:53, Adam D. Lopresto wrote:
> While we're on the subject, it seems like the tab code underwent some major
> changes recently, and I consider it to be a HUGE regression.  It seems like
> we're now forced to use windows, with tabs available for a few things.  Is this
> a temporary regression as new code makes its way in, or was this an active
> decision?
> My settings before were simple and consistent.  Basically, everything opened in
> tabs.  Middle click, popups, calling it from the command line, I never ever had
> more than one Ephy window open, and everything just worked.  Now it seems
> there's no way to force popups to open in a new tab instead of window, and
> calling ephy from the command line opens a new window also.  Ugh.  I can
> understand a general lessening of options, but all I want is one "Always use
> tabs".

Well, the behavior of the "Open in tabs" preference is full of conflicts and would
need a serious design effort, which is not very high on my todo currently.

Anyway, opening tabs in a possibly hidden epiphany window when clicking on a link
or on the epiphany icon can be very confusing (where is my window gone ?). We changed
this because people was complaining about it.
I think we have a command line option to force tabs also in that case though, if it doesnt
work it's a bug.


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