Re: [Epiphany] load new tabs in background

While we're on the subject, it seems like the tab code underwent some major
changes recently, and I consider it to be a HUGE regression.  It seems like
we're now forced to use windows, with tabs available for a few things.  Is this
a temporary regression as new code makes its way in, or was this an active

My settings before were simple and consistent.  Basically, everything opened in
tabs.  Middle click, popups, calling it from the command line, I never ever had
more than one Ephy window open, and everything just worked.  Now it seems
there's no way to force popups to open in a new tab instead of window, and
calling ephy from the command line opens a new window also.  Ugh.  I can
understand a general lessening of options, but all I want is one "Always use

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Steve Salazar wrote:

> Is loading new tabs in the background (ala mozilla's "Tab Display: Load
> Links in Background" option) just not implemented yet or is this something
> that was decided should never be implemented for ui ascthetic reasons?
> I hope it appears soon as it is probably the #1 thing blocking me from using
> epiphany all the time.
> Also, new tabs appear next to the one they were launched from.  Wil there be
> an option to get them to appear at the end of the tab list instead?  I find
> tabs opening like this to be very confusing when I open a bunch of tabs from
> a bunch of different windows.  Maybe just a gconf pref?
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