[Epiphany] Re: Automatic Image Resizing

On Thu, Jul 03 2003, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote something resembling:
> First of all I dont have a strong opinion about this. I just think it's
> useful if it's on by default, a pref is an overkill.
> It feel sort of nice to me but not much more ...
yeah...maybe nice, maybe not...a preference would feel strange
considering that a lot of stuff isn't configurable that feels a lot more
important ;-).
> I think to make a call about the default we need to answer two
> questions:
> - Is the functionality useful enough to justify the extra step of
> getting it back to normal resolution when it's necessary ?
> - Is getting it back to normal resolution obvious enough ?
This feature is very interesting.  It's a feature IE has had for quite
some time, and is even more useless there.  In IE to get the image
fullsize you have to hover over the image for like 2 or 3 seconds before
a toolbar pop-ups that lets you expand it.  Totally annoying and
useless.  How often do users prefer an image that fits in the frame over
having it fullsize immediately and scrollable?  I find myself pressing
an image before it has even completed loading, as I can't tell what I'm
looking at otherwise.  I mean, usually an image, such as a screenshot,
is linked to from a thumbnail and thus I've already seen what the small
version of the image looks like, now I would like to see the whole
image.  So image resizing adds nothing but an extra step to the process.


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