[Epiphany] One more performance issue

Just got one more issue.
To easier reproduce it, get the epiphany window maximized on a screen 
1280x1024 or above. Try it on a PII/PIII 500 Mhz or something of that speed, 
in order to better see the problem (I have a dual Celeron 533, with a Matrox 
G400 AGP, 32 bit at 1600x1200@85Hz)
Now, go here: http://mozdev.org/pipermail/epiphany/2003-July/date.html#69
Eratically move the mouse in the white space and the links, quite fast. 
Observe how the frames/sec of repainting the mouse cursor are going to an 
all time low, when the cursor needs to change into a hand. It just makes the 
computer feel that it is getting slow to a crawl.
Mozilla and Galeon _do not_ exhibit this problem, their performance remains 



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