[Epiphany] Two more problems

I am using Epiphany 0.8 tonight and I noticed three more things to take care 

1. When I make a CNTRL+F to open the Find dialog, I need each time that I 
re-open the dialog to remember the text I typed before. This should be true 
for each browser session.

2. I clicked on a PDF file found through Google search and Epiphany asked me 
if I want to open it or save it. I said "Open", and Epiphany seemed to have 
saved the pdf file on /tmp. Then, it obviously tried to open the default PDF 
reader, which is gPDF for me, but instead I got little error messages from 
Epiphany saying that it can't open the file or something. Clicking "Ok" to 
the little alert, it would not take away its window! Even more weird, about 
a minute later, gPDF loaded, but it said that it couldn't load the pdf file 
for viewing.
Not sure what exactly is wrong with the whole procedure, but it doesn't work 

3. There is bad performance regarding responsiveness in the tabs. If I load 
2-3 pages at the same time in tabs, it just gets very slow to get from one 
tab to the other. Of course no one expects it to be snappy, as heavy CPU 
operations are at work at the time of rendering, but it currently is too 
slow. Mozilla and Safari are not as slow on same/comparable hardware. Galeon 
IS as slow in my experience.

And yeah, tabs at the end of the window are bad. ;-)  ;-)



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