Re: [Epiphany] eog-menu-api Branch

> I think that's a great interface for manipulating toolbars. One
> semi-important thing here is to try and make the toolbar respond in
> "realtime", so you don't just drag over the toolbar and have to drop in
> some location, but the toolbar looks exactly how it would look if you
> let go of the mouse at any given instant. This sort of feedback makes it
> much easier to predict how the toolbar will look, and consequently helps
> people use it faster.

I spent a lot of time trying to get this to work but I had to give up. I
plan to retry though. Btw do you think drawing a line in the place where
the item will be inserted would be a decent fallback solution ?
Right now I'm just using the standard gtk behavior, the button over you
are moving it's highlighted, but it's really unclear where the icon will
be inserted this way I think.

> One a side note, if its not a lot of extra work, a somewhat generic
> framework that allows for this sort of editing would be very valuable to
> a lot of applications.

Here we goes a bit better. There are still a few not generic minor
details (like the configuration file path) but they should be easy to
solve. The editor is just a ~1000 lines GObject, should not be hard to
reuse in other applications.



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