[Epiphany] Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: Gtk Certificate Dialogs

> Generally i think the messages are too long. 

Indeed, I agree with this, but see below.

> Also the messages tend to be a little too dooming in my opinion.

It is worth remembering that these dialogs are the weakest part of the
SSL connection. On a purely technical note, they are telling the user
that there could be a man-in-the-middle attack in progress. This could
allow someone to steal your bank login details for example.

> They may also have some suggestions for making the dialogs less 
> techno-babble sounding. 

Indeed, unfortunately I am coming from the side where I know the entire
SSL protocol, having implemented it, so I know exactly what all these
messages mean :)

> Some help buttons in these dialogs might even be acceptable. 

Yeah, I experimented with putting help buttons in there, but it didn't
look very good, (the line wrapping in the label mean't that there was a
vast amount of blank space to the right of the text. I'll put up some
screenshots later on today.

> Also i don't like the checkbox on the last dialog. That action should 
> probably be an alternative button like "view cert". In fact isn't the more 
> likely use case to always permanently accept certs for most users? 

Accepting the certificate permanently shouldn't be something the user
can do easily, It might be better just to remove the checkbox completely
if there is a consensus that it isn't a good thing. I feel that with
potentially 5 buttons (help, view cert, accept permanently, cancel and
accept) the alert will be extremely large and would look dreadful.


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