[Epiphany] Re: Gtk Certificate Dialogs

Crispin Flowerday writes: 

> Hi, 
> You can see screenshots and the main source at: 
> http://patches.theflowerdays.com/cert/ 

Generally i think the messages are too long. It is important to remember 
that users don't read these things and the longer your message the more 
likely it is to be ignored. Also the messages tend to be a little too 
dooming in my opinion. You should probably talk with someone from the docs 
team though about improving the wording. They may also have some suggestions 
for making the dialogs less techno-babble sounding. Some help buttons in 
these dialogs might even be acceptable. 

Also i don't like the checkbox on the last dialog. That action should 
probably be an alternative button like "view cert". In fact isn't the more 
likely use case to always permanently accept certs for most users? 

dave "somewhat clueless on the topic"

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