[Epiphany] Re: Changing the application icon

Piers Cornwell writes: 

> Hi, 
> I wanted to get people's opinion on the following current behaviour: 
> When you navigate to a webpage with a favicon, the application icon 
> changes (the icon in the taskbar). 
> This doesn't make sense: the application icon is for identifying the 
> application, not the document. The problem with using the favicon is that 
> it doesn't even identify the document -- the user doesn't know what the 
> icon for every website is so they won't recognise it as being that 
> document.

Well epiphany is a document oriented web browser (or at least approaching 
it). Generally gnome is tending towards a more document oriented ui (can you 
say Storage :P). The document icons are far more useful when you have 
multiple document windows (web pages for instance), for the same reason that 
document titles are more useful than "application name" in the window list. 

> Even worse, this icon may well not be unique -- two pages can have the 
> same icon, often a whole domain. 

Two text documents or folders may have the same icon as well. The uniqueness 
is not completely important in this case. Uniqueness is only possible by 
using document titles (as we do). 

> Worse than that, imagine i also have 
> Mozilla open and i go to mozilla.org in ephy -- now the icons for both 
> ephy and mozilla are the same!!

This is really crack usage scenario imo. 


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