RE: [Epiphany] possible enhancements?

>> >i've noticed that there's no way of viewing the bookmarks tool from
>> >inside ephy (i have to use gnome programs menu).  i think it'd be pretty
>> >cool if we had "View"/"Bookmarks History" or something like that.
>> Maybe I'm not getting what you mean. Isnt that Bookmarks->Edit Bookmarks.
>Well, I think its a conceptual problem. I had the same issue a few days
>I wanted to find a bookmark that wasn't in my Go menu, so I looked for
>"View Bookmarks" menu item. I saw there was an "Edit Bookmarks", but I
>didn't want to edit them, I wanted to view them. I think the "Edit
>Bookmarks" menu should be changed to "View Bookmarks" or something like
>that because editing is a specialised case of viewing.

Yeah I think I agree on this and it was more or less that way before Bookmarks
menu addition. With the bookmarks menu the issue is less clear because the
primary way to view bookmarks become the menu (prolly, our bookmarks system
seem a bit of an hybrid at this point). But I think the plan for post 1.0
is to move to a unique interface for editing and viewing.


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