[Epiphany] PATCH: experimental certificate manager

Hola a todos (Hi everyone). I am working in a new certificate manager ui
and backend for epiphany.

Currently this ui only is able to show the list of installed
certificates, but I want some feedback about the design of this solution.
You can call the certificate manager from the edit menu.

I defined two new gtype interfaces EphyEmbedCertsManager and
EphyEmbedX509cert on embed directory. Implemented those interfaces on
embed/mozilla directory and added a new method to the interface
EphyEmbedSingle called get_certs_manager(...)

The certificate manager dialog look like the mozilla xul certificate
manager with a better layout (I think) without the "Other's People"
notebook page (Epiphany is not an email client ;-) )

Note: This is the first time that i try to contribute to a GTK/Gnome
project. I'm a full time java developer so my C/C++ skills are being
Robert Marcano
IT System Architect

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