[Epiphany] Re: 1.2 Plan

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes:
>> 1.2 is the future version that will go on GNOME 2.6? If the answer is
>> yes, I propose 2.0 as version number instead.
> Yeah will go with 2.6 (hopefully ;), anyone has an opinion about this ?
> I dont have one.

I think changing the release number to 2.0 would be version number bloat 
really. The exception would be if we break compatibility with 1.0 somehow or 
otherwise make rather large infrastructural changes. 


>> IMHO some aspects of the toolbar code still need work, like DND: we need
>> better cursors, change the ugly black line for something more useful
>> (like a shaded image of the element we are DNDing), ... 
> Yeah part of this need to be done in gtk though.

I think this should be switch the codebase to depend on gtk2.4 and use the 
gtk_toolbar implementation and implement features we need there etc. 

>> > - Port to DBUS if it's included. We may be able to drop
>> > libgnome/libgnomeui/libbonobo/libbonoboui dependecies. 
>> and use GNOSIS ;)
> Hmmmm do not reveal super secret, super crack projects to the public :P 

I don't really think depending on d-bus at this time is appropriate. For the 
time being Orbit/bonobo is the way to go in gnome and until there is desktop 
agreement that dbus should be included in the desktop its better not to 
depend on a new somewhat untested ipc mechanism. 


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