[Epiphany] type-ahead-find F3 bug / focus bug on new tab


type-ahead-find from mozilla works fine with epiphany, but if I want to 
press F3 to get to the next result, it does not work at all.

And the second thing is, that at least 50% of the time I don't get the 
focus when I open a new tab with Ctrl-T. I tried both XFce4 and fluxbox 
as windowmanagers. (Ok, you are Gnome based, but since this is a very 
important thing for a browser and always pressing Ctrl-L is not very 
convenient, it would be great if this could be fixed).

Oh, and a last question:
Is the popup blocker already implemented since I dissalowed popup-
windows in the preferences, but I still get a lot of popup-ads.

best regards,

and great browser,


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