Re: [Epiphany] Re: Re: Epiphany 0.8

On Sat, 2003-08-02 at 02:24, Mike wrote:
> > 1 - there is an unavoidable situation of opening a new window on
> > external links - when there's no window there to begin with. Thus,
> > because an external link sometimes will open a new window, it would be
> > most straightforward for it to always open one.

> please no - surely this should be handled by open in tab anyway - ie
> epiphany should know that no windows are open and open one

Of course Epiphany will know. That's not the point. Consistency dictates
that an action always happens the same way - if clicking on a link in an
email sometimes opens a browser window, it should always open a browser
window. So this is a matter of consistency vs. "_always_ use tabs", and
we're on different sides of the issue..

My feeling is that MDI, whether implemented as windows-within-windows
(Win 3.1 style) or tabs (preferably), when taken too far, will hurt the
experience. I'm far less bothered by having several windows open.. But
then again, by lunchtime I generally have about 30 different pages open
in several windows with tabs in each, so managing them all the same way
(only windows or only tabs) wouldn't work for me at all.

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