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On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 00:20, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > Incidentally, Ephy's way of disabling "window.focus()" is
> > very annoying here.
> Can you elaborate on this ? I guess it's the focus pref we are forced to
> toggle to not have current window raised when page load finish.
> At least we needed to, need to check if it's fixed (unlikely, mozilla
> focus is total crap for embedding :/).

I remember reading somewhere that this has been disabled by default to
avoid a mozilla bug, or something, although I have no idea what the
deeper reason is.

Anyway, utility popup windows (say, a "context help" window which opens
when clicking on certain words in an app or article, or, for you
bloggers out there, Movable Type's "rebuild site" popup), which are
meant to be reused (always have at most one open at the time, replacing
the content in the old one if one was open), commonly have <BODY
ONLOAD="window.focus()"> in their code, which effectively brings the
window to front in case it had been buried under other windows.

I'm not aware of Mozilla otherwise raising windows when their page load
finishes. I've been involved in web development for over 7 years, and
using that JavaScript has always been the way to make sure a user is
going to notice a window they need to notice.
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