Re: [Fwd: Re: [Epiphany] Re: Re: Epiphany 0.8]

> Anyway, utility popup windows (say, a "context help" window which opens
> when clicking on certain words in an app or article, or, for you
> bloggers out there, Movable Type's "rebuild site" popup), which are
> meant to be reused (always have at most one open at the time, replacing
> the content in the old one if one was open), commonly have <BODY
> ONLOAD="window.focus()"> in their code, which effectively brings the
> window to front in case it had been buried under other windows.
> I'm not aware of Mozilla otherwise raising windows when their page load
> finishes. I've been involved in web development for over 7 years, and
> using that JavaScript has always been the way to make sure a user is
> going to notice a window they need to notice.

It would be nice to post a bug about this. Mozilla (embedding) is
probably still raising window unnecessarily but I need to verify it and
try to find the problem, now that I have some more clue about mozilla


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