[Epiphany] Smartbookmarks document confusing

Hi all,

I'm fairly new (a few hours, actually) to epiphany. So far I like it
quite a bit, thanks to everyone who is working on it. I had a few
questions about the explanation of Smart Bookmarks when you go to
start-here:smartbookmarks. It says:

"Smart bookmarks allows to perform searches and similar actions directly
from the location entry.

Right click the icon and choose "Add Bookmark" from the menu list. When
you will type a word in the toolbar entry, a list of your smart
bookmarks will be displayed. Just choose one of them to perform the
search. The next time you type a word, just pressing the Enter key will
be enough to perform the same action."

First of all, it says to right click on the icon, but it doesn't say
which icon! I'm not sure what it's talking about there. I've tried right
clicking on a few icons, and I don't see a menu item called "Add

Second, it seems to imply that if I, for example, type in "epiphany
gnome" in the toolbar location, and choose a smart bookmark to use on it
(for example, google), then the next time I want to do a google search,
I just need to type in the words I want to search for and press enter,
and the last smart bookmark I used will be used, in my case, google.
This is pretty cool, but I don't think it works. When I try it, I always
have to actually choose the google smart bookmark. If I don't nothing
happens when I press enter.

Maybe I'm missing something. Can someone straighten me out?


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