RE: [Epiphany] Smartbookmarks document confusing

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>From: Stephen Blake <>
>To: Epiphany Mailing List <>
>Subject: [Epiphany] Smartbookmarks document confusing
>Date: 26 Apr 2003 14:25:43 -0400
>Hi all,
>I'm fairly new (a few hours, actually) to epiphany. So far I like it
>quite a bit, thanks to everyone who is working on it. I had a few
>questions about the explanation of Smart Bookmarks when you go to
>start-here:smartbookmarks. It says:
>"Smart bookmarks allows to perform searches and similar actions directly
>from the location entry.
>Right click the icon and choose "Add Bookmark" from the menu list. When
>you will type a word in the toolbar entry, a list of your smart
>bookmarks will be displayed. Just choose one of them to perform the
>search. The next time you type a word, just pressing the Enter key will
>be enough to perform the same action."
>First of all, it says to right click on the icon, but it doesn't say
>which icon! I'm not sure what it's talking about there. I've tried right
>clicking on a few icons, and I don't see a menu item called "Add

The description in 0.5 was outdated. Now it's hopefully fixed. I say hopefully
because I managed to introduce another problem when trying to fix it ;)

>Second, it seems to imply that if I, for example, type in "epiphany
>gnome" in the toolbar location, and choose a smart bookmark to use on it
>(for example, google), then the next time I want to do a google search,
>I just need to type in the words I want to search for and press enter,
>and the last smart bookmark I used will be used, in my case, google.
>This is pretty cool, but I don't think it works. When I try it, I always
>have to actually choose the google smart bookmark. If I don't nothing
>happens when I press enter.

Yeah this is supposed to work. Can you please post a bug for it on


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