Re: [Epiphany] Mozilla Embedding GTK widget: move the code up to the Mozilla tree? TAKE 2

> Marco:
> Sounds good. Just a warning. You will need to rework that code to be
> able to port it to gtkmozembed. That's because the c++ code is not in
> the widget file but respectively in EphyWrapper.cpp and
> EmbedPrivate.cpp.
> About the licensing issues you have my approval, you should probably
> contact galeon guys about it too though. I'm not sure if with GPL you
> need permission of all contributors or just of the copyright owner.
> I dont think you are going to have probs though, more apis upstream
> could be good for us too.

I'm not an attorney (but my dad is :)), but my impression is that if you plan 
to relicense any GPL'd code you are going to need to get approval from 
everyone who contributed to the code (even if they contributed a typo fix, 
well maybe thats pushing it) to be 100% safe (or rework the not authorized 
code), which is probably what would expect. That said I would 
assume that this specific code is pretty low level enough where only core 
contributors probably have touched it, so I imagine getting them to consent 
would be pretty simple. Also if you do relicense you may want to talk to the 
mozilla guys about what kind of formal (legal notification) is needed, this 
might include a secure web form, or some other method that can be used to 
show that the code has been relicensed legally.


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