[Epiphany] Mozilla Embedding GTK widget: move the code up to the Mozilla tree?TAKE 2

     Sorry about the last message, not sure what happened there...   

I've been in contact with Chris Blizzard and Marco Pesenti Gritti about integrating the code in the galeon used gtk widget for embedding Mozilla in its gtkmozembed superclass in the Mozilla tree.

There are two parts to this; technical and legal. Marco kinda all the galeon developers have to agree to relicense from GPL to MPL that bit of code.

The other option is not to merge into the Mozilla code, but to provide LGPL licensing for that widget of yours.

Here is an excerpt from the latest exchanges:

Earlier (base argument)

I didn't add to much functionality to the embedding widget because I didn't think that it needed too much.  I didn't want to set any UI policy because it was just supposed to be a widget that covered 80% of the functionality needed and that's it.

The mozembed widget by itself does not set a UI policy. But functionalities such as zooming vs DOM events callbacks are arbitrarily included. Some custom GTK signals (ex: status_change) don't even have handlers in TestGtkEmbed. I just mean why not extend that functionality to what is used in Galeon, even if TestGtkEmbed ignores the signals?



So are you agreeing to merge the Galeon used gtkmozembed subclass with its super class, all going into the Mozilla tree?


No, I'm not agreeing to anything.  I'm saying that if there's good stuff that can be ported and it makes sense to port it that I'm OK with it being moved into the Mozilla tree.  I also don't want to step on other people's toes (sometimes, people don't like things being moved upstream) and there's also the licensing issue.

Me: So it sounds like if you can get the galeon people to agree on the technical and licensing issues (moving from GPL to MPL), there might be a go for it.


Sounds good. Just a warning. You will need to rework that code to be
able to port it to gtkmozembed. That's because the c++ code is not in
the widget file but respectively in EphyWrapper.cpp and

About the licensing issues you have my approval, you should probably
contact galeon guys about it too though. I'm not sure if with GPL you
need permission of all contributors or just of the copyright owner.
I dont think you are going to have probs though, more apis upstream
could be good for us too.

Ok, so much for quoting others  :-)

I'd like comments on both issues please,

Many thanks,
Philippe Laporte

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