[Epiphany] RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

It would be really great to hear from the Galeon and Epiphany maintainers
about how this might affect their future devlopment plans and/or project

Murray Cumming

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> Subject: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!
> Mozilla Drivers [1],
> Your new roadmap, and all of the rationale behind it, is terrific.
> There has been a lot of discussion in the GNOME community 
> recently about our
> choice of native browser, and whether we need to choose one 
> at all, given
> Mozilla's ascendency.
> The latest roadmap muddies those waters further by providing 
> a clear path
> for native browser support (GRE), and a set of goals for 
> Mozilla-internal
> browser development (Phoenix) that gel very well with GNOME's 
> perspective of
> and approach to the Free Software desktop. Now it's a far 
> more difficult
> argument! :-)
> One issue that was not raised in the rationale or general goals of the
> roadmap was external integration and interoperability. 
> Whether GNOME chooses
> ship its own browser or not, all of our 
> mail/web/composer/calendaring/etc
> software should work together.
> Mozilla will have to continue dealing with these issues 
> across platforms, so
> I would strongly encourage the project to get involved with 
> the Free Desktop
> Group <http://www.freedesktop.org/>, and move towards and 
> propose "Free
> Software Desktop" standards, rather than integration with 
> "GNOME", "KDE",
> etc. This will simplify the requirements on Mozilla's end, 
> and fortify the
> benefits of our entire desktop offering - after all, Mozilla 
> is a crucial
> element of the Free Software desktop application suite.
> GNOME dudes, please have a look at the roadmap and send 
> comments to the
> Mozilla Drivers (who are kind of like our release team, in 
> that they are the
> project management group for Mozilla) about it:


- Jeff

[1] That is such a cool name. ;)

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