Re: [Epiphany] got it working

> I'm not sure what you mean with "work". If there are bugs, I'm not aware
> of it and I'd be happy to fix them if reported :) 
> If you find the keywords stuff bad, well, we have a worst problem.
> A typical usage path of the system is:
>, File->Add Bookmark, Keywords = Linux Tech
>, File->Add Bookmark, Keywords = Tech News
>, File->Add Bookmark, Keywords = Linux News
> Now you will be able to access all Linux related sites, tech sites and
> News sites clicking on the list in the editor or typing it in the
> location entry. Most used sites will be in the Go menu.
> In practice keywords are sort of virtual folders, that's why there is
> not the ability to add real folders.

i tried out the keyword thing in mozilla and it looks pretty cool. but
in epiphany when i create a keyword and then go to it i just end up in

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