RE: [Epiphany] problems

>-- Messaggio originale --
>From: Robert <>
>Subject: [Epiphany] problems
>Date: 17 Dec 2002 10:32:25 +0100
>I'd love to peek at epiphany after reading about it in the latest gnome
>Unfortunately am I expiriencing problems when trying to ./configure it.
>I'm running recent garnome on YellowDog Linux 2.3 with upgraded autoconf
>2.57 and automake 1.7.2.
>I also tried to set the ACLOCAL_FLAGS like suggested on the galeon2
>install page.
>I'd be very happy to get a hint although this might not have to do with
>epiphany at all.

Looks like automake is not finding your macros. You should be able to solve
it using ACLOCAL_FLAGS, you are prolly doing something wrong but I'm not
sure what :(
You could try to download a tarball from the installation page, you can
just ./configure them and skip the autogen stage.


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