Re: Bug or normal behavior?

Thanks. but I still have some doubts:
1, I think one image consumes 40M memory is a little strange
(comparing with firefox or other image viewer).
2, My PC has 1 GB memory, 6~8 images can trigger the OOM handler, but
kernel kill Xorg, not eog...

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 1:06 AM, Felix Riemann <friemann gnome org> wrote:
> On Tue, 2012-02-21 at 08:50 +0800, chen huacai wrote:
>> Hi, all
> Hi,
>> I found when I view a 4M jpg file with eog-3.2.2, it consumes more
>> than 100M memory (memory information is obtained with Alt+SysRq+M).
>> But everything is OK if I use firefox to view them. So, I want to know
>> whether this behavior is normal, or there is a bug in eog? It cause my
>> PC crashes when I view several images together...
>> Below are files for testing, I use Arch Linux with kernel 3.2.5.
> well, if you compare an empty eog with an eog that has your image loaded
> your numbers can be called "expected" considering that the uncompressed
> image data of one your pictures alone adds around 40M to the memory
> footprint. What's interesting though is that the empty eog instance
> already takes around 50M (measured using top). That could be worth an
> investigation. Also note that switching images causes a short spike in
> memory usage as there's is a (really) short moment where both
> uncompressed images require memory.
> I wonder how this can crash your PC though. Even if it doesn't have a
> lot of memory, I always expected that eog would be aborted by the
> kernel's out of memory handler.
>> Best regards,
>> Huacai Chen
> Regards,
> Felix

Huacai Chen

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