Re: EOG - Exif Display Plugin options

Am Donnerstag, den 13.10.2011, 23:08 +0200 schrieb Xavier Guillot:
> Hello Felix,

Hi Xavier.

> Thanks for your complete answer.
> >> I have a little questions regarding Exif Display plugin of Eye of Gnome.
> >>
> >> - First, is there a way to make EoG remember presence of the lateral panel on the left of the window ? If I make it visible with menu "View", then close Eye of Gnome and restart it, panel is gone, I have to re-select it, on EoG 3.2.
> > Yes, that sounds like a little race condition between the generation of the window and plugin loading. It could be that the plugins are not loaded yet for the specific window when it checks if there's content in the sidebar and then hides it because there's none yet.The plugin system changed between 2.32 and 3.0 which is why it could have worked in the older version.
> Should I report it to Bugzilla, too ?

Sure, it's a valid request I guess. But I doubt that we get down to
fixing it soon. :(

> >
> >> - How to make in this panel always the Exif Display plugin the one visible ? If Map plugin is also activated in the preferences, it's this one which is automatically shown, I have to select Exif Display in the menu,
> >> I'd like to have it by default.
> > No, this is not possible yet. At the moment the first view that gets added to the sidebar should be shown by default. Although it's interesting to see that the map plugin manages to get preference over the Exif Details plugin. You may want to open a feature request for this in our Bugzilla.
> OK, I'll do it. But it's not a very annoying bug, few photos I have in 
> my collection have the geographic localization, and I prefer see the 
> Exif Details.
> >
> >> - On the View Exif plugin, is it possible to add some fields that are also visible in the "Properties" window of the image
> > Well, I actually plan to make the data that is available in the properties dialog's "General" and "Metadata" tab available in the sidebar again. I don't know if this already enough information displayed for you ("XMP Exif" and "XMP IPTC" won't be listed).
> >
> > The Exif Display plugin could still stay as a it only shows the most important stuff by default and additionally a histogram. I guess noone would object if someone would make the displayed metadata configurable for the plugin, allowing a more specific view of metadata.
> That's a very good news and would be perfect. Yes, it would be enough if 
> all the datas from "General" and "Metadata" become available directly in 
> Exif Display, even in option to allow everyone to choose what is displayed :
> General : Name - Width - Height - Type - Size - Folder
> Metadata : Description - Location - Keywords - Author - Camera - Date
> There will be the descriptions and keywords added, for example, in 
> Shotwell and would allow to open images from Nautilus, Thunderbird... 
> and browse collections by having all the informations about the photos 
> on the lateral side, in addition to the thumbnail view in the bottom, nice !

Well, the extension to customize the shown elements would be a (not so
small) extension to the Exif Display plugin (which has lower priority).
The re-display of the data from the properties dialog in the sidebar
will be in the main application.


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