Re: status of python plugin


Sorry for the really late response.

Am Mittwoch, den 26.08.2009, 09:24 +0200 schrieb Olivier R-D:
> What is the status of the python plugin ?
> Last time I checked (one year ago) it seemed some calls did not work as 
> expected.

Well, there's nobody actively working on them, mostly due to lack of
time and Python experience. Additionally, they are not complete. If you
compile eog verbosely by hand you can see the bindings generator emit
several warnings about classes and functions it cannot bind

> For example I have a plugin that write an iptc flag into the displayed 
> image something that makes eog forget the current picture and go back to 
> the first picture in the directory when clicking on next. 
The original problem could be because of how you write into the file.
You can use gvfs-monitor-file to see which signals are emitted when you
make your change. If it gives delete and create signals, the delete will
remove the image from the collection while the create will readd it
(causing to loose focus). 

> så I tried to 
> correct tha programmatically with
>             #thumb = window.get_thumb_view()
>             #thumb.set_current_image(eog.Image(path), True)
Note that path needs to be a valid URI (file:///...) here. I only tried
with a collection of unselected images (so results may vary) and this
was already sufficient to set the right image again.
>             #thumb.set_current_image(window.get_image(), True)
Seems to work as expected as well.
>             #thumb.select_single(eog.THUMB_VIEW_SELECT_CURRENT)
> But I never managed to make it work ...
This is likely doing nothing if the image is selected and loaded already.
The only problem that could arise here is that the image has not been
readded when you make the set_current_image calls.

> The funny thing is that this bug happens when starting eog by 
> doubleclicking on a picture in nautilus but not when starting it in a 
> terminal.
Uh, that's strange. How do you call it from the command line?


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