Some improvements


I added some small improvements to eog that make my life easier.

The things I did are:

1. Added a new menu entry that allows to copy the currently viewed image's path to the clipboard. I am using this to make it easier to send images over IM for example so I don't have to search everytime for the picture path and the exact filename (even worse with images from a digital camera where the names contain a lot of numbers ...)

2. Added a new menu entry that allows to toggle between real size and fitted one, so I can switch with one key shortcut between the two.

3. When in normal view mode, use ESC key to quit eog (Sorry for that fast quitting, but that's because I am used to it from other tools).

As said, these are just very small things, but I think they could be useful for everybody using eog.

If you want I can submit a patch, but as I am using Ubuntu Hardy I made the changes against eog 2.22.2, so I would also submit a patch against that version?
Would that be one patch or 3, one for every change?

Gernot Klimscha

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