Re: Thumbnails Pane

Hi Lucas,

On Sat, 2006-11-25 at 03:11 +0200, Lucas Rocha wrote:
> I've just commited some changes to the thumbnails pane. Now it uses
> the navigator widget which makes it easier to scroll and view the
> image collection. Some pending issues on thumbnails pane: 

I just took a quick look at it. It looks nice, but I think that the
scrolling needs acceleration. For large image collections it is a bit
difficult to browse using the navigator's bar.

> - The current shadow effect look nice only on images with colored
> background. On small images (i.e icons, cliparts) with transparent
> background the shadow looks strange. Try viewing /usr/share/pixmaps
> and you'll see what I mean. EOG should use the same shadow style than
> nautilus because we'd have more consistency and better thumbnail
> appearance (for any kind of image). I'll experiment this and see how
> it looks.

Other problem I see with it is that it sucks a lot of CPU on generating
the shadows. I sysprof'd it under big stress and the CPU consumption of
thumbnailing is mostly during the cycles which create the shadows. Don't
know how does nautilus shadows behave with this, but the fact that
nautilus create the shadows only when loading the window and not in a
lazy-loading way like eog, relieves a lot.


Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra alumnos utalca cl>

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