Re: Where does these widgets belong?

Hi Claudio,

I wrote two widgets for the printing capabilities, those are:

1. EogPrintImageSetup, a custom widget for the GTK+ printing dialog.
2. EogPrintPreview, an interactive print preview widget for images.

You can find (1) in the latest patches in bug #356947, and I commented
about (2) in my blog[1].

I am not sure where I should add those widgets in the eog code. I think
that (1) should be added to the shell, while (2) may fit for being added
to libeog, but I am not completely sure.

What do you think?

I need to make a decision on this, so I can update a patch with the
coolest printing support eog ever had :-)

First of all, nice work! :-) Actually, I think GThumb implement
something similar to this very nicely.

My answer to your question is: put it on shell. Why? By the way, I've
been thinking in putting all the code in one "src" or "eog" directory.
IMHO, there's no strong reason to keep a separate "libeog" directory
for something that is not released separetly at all. EOG's code is not
huge enough to require such code split.

So just as sanity check: does anyone here has a strong argument to not
put the whole code together?



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