Re: CVS question

On Fri, 2006-12-15 at 17:13 -0300, Rodrigo Aguilar M. wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I'm working on getting the patch of my "open with" code but I have some
> doubts about CVS. Following the documentation, i get the last version of
> eog-ng doing:
> 	~/devel/eog$ cvs update -dP
> on the working directory. 
> Later i get the patch with: 
> 	~/devel/eog$ cvs diff -up > 319859.patch
> The problem is that I'm getting changes from functions that
> I have never modified. Like this: 
> 	@@ -2703,7 +2785,7 @@ void
>  	eog_window_open_uri_list (EogWindow *window, GSList *uri_list)
>  	{
>  		EogJob *job;
> 	-	
> 	+
>  		job = eog_job_model_new (uri_list);
>  		g_signal_connect (job,
> Is this OK or I'm doing something wrong?

Most probably you have changed space indentation with tabs indentation
or things like that. I think it is not really important (as long as you
don't see real code changed), but if you want your patch completely
clean, you can try by downloading a fresh CVS copy, and modifying only
what you need to modify for your patch, supposing it's ready. This way
you avoid having noise in your patch.


Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra alumnos utalca cl>

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