Some ideas for eog


I have sort of volunteered to maintain eog; "sort of" because it happened in the way most maintainers seem to end up maintaining a project. I said something like "I miss working on GNOME. I wouldn't mind working on something like eog." and before I knew it, I was appointed.

A little bit of introduction is in order: I am an old-time GNOME hacker. I was approached by Miguel "back in the day" to port my Gtk-based CD player, gtcd, to GNOME. I ended up maintaining the gnome-media set of packages for several years.

I have a couple of ideas for eog:

1. Port the application shell to Python and pygtk. This would improve maintainability of the GUI sections of the code, and as long as we left the heavy-duty pixmap-reading code in C, there should be no performance hit.

2. Reorient eog's purpose back towards a single image viewer. Nautilus and f-spot can already do a great job of displaying thumbnails of a set of images, so eog's list view is kind of duplication of effort, and not very featureful compared to what f-spot and nautilus can do.

2.1. Since eog would be the premiere single-image viewer in existence, we could do a lot of things right, such as printing.

Thoughts, comments?

tim gerla net

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