Re: [Ekiga-list] New to SIP, VoIP and Ekiga

On 30/05/16 04:22, Saul A. Peebsen wrote:
On Sun, 29 May 2016 08:28:02 +0200
Eugen Dedu <eugen dedu univ-fcomte fr> wrote:

Just execute in a terminal:
ekiga -d 4 2>xyz
and send me the xyz file.

OK, I have Lubuntu installed in a virtual machine. I used it to get
the log. Still don't know why my Gentoo Ekiga is not producing any
output with -d 4.

I put it in my router, it can be downloaded here:

I see that you receive many calls from, which is

2016/05/29 20:05:01.885 1:53:08.449 Opal Liste...0xada7db40 SIP PDU received: rem=udp$,local=udp$,if=

This seems to me effectively as ghost calls. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything right now. The next release of Ekiga will have a black list where you can block them.


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