Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga audio codecs support

On 24/01/16 15:20, andrew laidlaw wrote:
Hi all,
I am new both to ekiga and to soft phones in general.  Recently obtained a SIP account with a voip provider 
with aim to make voice calls to pstn and mobile phones in Australia whilst I am travelling overseas.
Have successfully registered this account in ekiga, and echo tested at 904 mousepad org I asked my provider, faktortel, to provide test numbers also. When I use these numbers i get rejected: "NO COMMON CODEC".
I found a list of their codecs, and I see the list of ekiga voice codecs under <preferences><audio><codecs>.
It is not clear that there are any codecs in common.
Can I add more audio codecs to Ekiga? And if so How?

Hi Andrew,

Just go to Preferences, Audio codecs part, and check on some codecs, and recall the number to see if the error persists. See at for an old screenshot.

I suggest not to check on all of them in the same time, but only PCMU, PCMA, gsm, and G722, but if it does not work, try the others too.


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