Re: [Ekiga-list] STUN issues with Ekiga 4.0.1 and RENAVISIO ?

On 17/09/15 14:16, Samuel VISCAPI wrote:
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Hi all,

One of my colleague is having issues with his Ekiga setup.

We are running the same version of Ekiga (4.0.1) on similar machines
(Ubuntu 14.04 x86-64). The only difference is that he's using KDE,
while I'm using Unity.

We are on the same physical network, with ports range already opened
for Ekiga.

While I can dial in the SIP number of a RENAVISIO conference and reach
the bridge without any problem (as I told you before in a previous
e-mail), it just doesn't work on his side... He still get the same
error message about Ekiga not being able to configure the network

Do you have this message too (on Unity machine)?

Here is an excerpt of his logfile (ekiga -d 4), where one could see
some STUN related errors:

2015/09/17 13:42:49.161   0:02.608      StunDetect...a965e31700 STUN    No
response to STUN server
2015/09/17 13:42:49.161   0:02.608      StunDetect...a965e31700 PWLib
Closing channel, fd=45
2015/09/17 13:42:49.161   0:02.608      StunDetect...a965e31700 PWLib
Closing channel, fd=46
2015/09/17 13:42:49.161   0:02.609      StunDetect...a965e31700 OPAL    STUN
server "" replies Blocked, external IP

The above two errors mean that on his machine there is surely a firewall which blocks packets to/from STUN server. You could check this with wireshark for instance, look at STUN lines. Are you sure there is no such firewall?


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