Re: [Ekiga-list] pip resizing and moving

On 08/11/14 09:31, Dennis New wrote:
By the way, is everyone (linux users at least) able to get Fullscreen
video through the Call Window? I am able to, and I can Alt-Enter it too
to get a fully resizable window. Ideally, the main Call Window should
be resizeable like this too, no? I can change the GTK setting to make
it resizable, but I'm unsure of where/how to handle the callbacks to

In ds-gtk-application branch, video is (finally!) resizeable.

redraw/scale the video. I am also not able to use Fullscreen when I'm
not in a call session -- ie. when I'm just viewing my local video.
Perhaps this is because the Fullscreen mode requires a remote PIP?

Indeed. This is a wrong idea, and as far as I know it has been fixed too in Damien's branch.


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