Re: [Ekiga-list] adding Xmeeting MAC users to contact list

On 22/03/13 10:25, Pau wrote:
Hi Eugen,

thanks for the quick answer.

No, that name I made up.

I was in particular asking about the correct way to configure ekiga to
connect with an xmeeting user.

I created an h.323 account too and added it to ekiga, because I was
assuming that I need one to communicate with the Xmeeting user.

My second question, then, is whether my assumptions are correct.

To sum up:

1- Will I be able to talk with Mac users using Xmeeting?

Theoretically yes, practically you should.  You should try.

2- Do I need an h.323 account for that, or can I do that from sip (

You cannot communicate with a contact having a h323 account, using a sip account.

3- How's the configuration on the Mac user side to communicate with me?

It is easy. You have to create a compatible account, for ex. a sip (or a h323) account in the same server. For ex. you are one ekiga net and he is two ekiga net Each of you have to configure its software to register to his account.

For best experience use 4.0.1 release of ekiga.

4- And an additional question, out of topic: Can I define a
configuration ekiga folder elsewhere als $HOME/.gconf/apps/ekiga?

I do not think so. Ekiga uses gconf, and it is gconf which uses that directory. Maybe you can make $HOME/.gconf/apps/ekiga a symbolic link to another directory, if it is ok for you.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Eugen Dedu
<Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr>  wrote:
On 22/03/13 09:50, Pau wrote:


I would like to know how to add Xmeeting users on OSX and with an
h.323 account ( to the ekiga address book.

More concretely, I would like to know how to call them/chat with them.

According to the wikipedia, Xmeeting is compatible with ekiga.

When I edit the roster element, I add

Name: John Doe
Address: h323:JohnDoe spranto net

The user seems to be added, but I cannot call it and the "message"
entry from the right-menu is not available.

I can call that user (dbl click or right-click) but "User not found", which
means that user does not exist.  Does it exist?

According to manual
"You can also exchange text messages with H.323 Ekiga users, but only while
being in a call. To do this, simply click on the new tab icon, and a new tab
will automatically be created allowing a conversation with the user you are
on a call with."  Does it work for you?


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