Re: [Ekiga-list] Newbie questions

Polaris, you wrote that ekiga 4.0.0 works, but ekiga 4.0.1 does not.

Do you always or most often receive the dialogue box about "Ekiga did not manage to configure..." when starting ekiga 4.0.0? But with 4.0.1?

With 4.0.0, has it worked with several outgoing and incoming calls, or you have tested only once (calling once 500 ekiga net for ex.)?

Please do several tests, call and receive calls, and only afterwards answer this e-mail.

I ask this because I am told that BOTH releases do not work for you in fact. As soon as the dialogue box appear (if it appears occasionally, say 10% of the time, then this is not a problem), the port forwarding does not function properly. In this case we try to PREVENT you from registering, since even if you do register, you will certainly have communication problems (non audio/video most of the time when calling or when called).


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