Re: [Ekiga-list] Call immediatly Hang up

On 05/03/13 11:06, GALLARDO Sebastian wrote:

Thank you for your answer .

no notification appear when I receive a call and when I try to call, that's hang up immediately.
Opening the call windows before call, it doesn't work ...

I don't notice that  I try to connect to my  CISCo IPBX on my LAN .   My SIP account is well register.

I notice that EKIGA try to contact EKIGA.NET  althrough  I do not configure any Ekiga account.

This is the outpout log file attached.

I notice in this log that you try to call, is that right? Please explain a bit what you were doing when attaching a log.

In the log there is an error shown:
SIP/2.0 503 Service Unavailable
Warning: 399 "Unable to find a device handler for the request received on port 5060 from"

Is there a SIP client (e.g. ekiga) running on the machine you call? Please provide more information.

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On 04/03/13 16:43, GALLARDO Sebastian wrote:

I try to use EKIGA instead of XLITE but I have some problems.
I don't find anything about that on web forum or google.
So I post here on this list my problem : thank you for your answers .

In resume:
With XLITE on windows over a vpn : no problem.

With Ekiga on linux mint :  Account well register but no call pick up
, seems to not match at all

This seems to be a yet another issue related to libnotify.  Does not a notification appear when you receive a 
call?!  Maybe there is an icon in system tray for that.

Anyway, open the call window before the call, and you will be able to answer the call using the icons in the 
call window.  Does this workaround work?

I have the log 4 2 if someone would to see it .

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