Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga as fax carrier

Le 28/06/2013 14:20, *Carola y Pablo* a écrit fort à propos :
Hello- I am resending this message describing my efforts to send a fax
via Ekiga--

Hello Pablo,

It's the first time I receive this message. It seems to me Ekiga is not the culprit since efax-gtk fails in establishing communication with your fax-modem. (If I understand the first error message.)

Here is an example of what I get as soon I clic on "Send fax":

efax-0.9a: 16:54:39 opened /dev/ttyS0
efax-0.9a: 16:54:40 using OLITEC Speed'Com 2000CONEXANTAC/K56 in class 2
efax-0.9a: 16:54:40 dialing

You can load efax-gtk in such a way that error messages are in english:
$ LANGUAGE=en_us efax-gtk

Would you be so kind as to send to me *privately* your efax-gtk configuration file? I think it is not desirable to pollute ekiga-list with this "in the fringe" subject, so I don't ask other questions here.

Best regards,


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