Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga - PTT service

On 07/06/13 13:24, Arijit Chakraborty wrote:

I am planning to develop a PTT application for Android mobile phones. I
need the following information before taking any decision of using your
server and client SDK.
1. Does the SIP address provided by you support half duplex required for
Push to talk ?

I do not know.

2. I had registered and received a SIP address but unable to connect it.
When I download your app from Google play and use the same address, it
connects. is there any document available which can guide me the entire
process of calling the SIP address.

There is the manual ...

We cannot know why your application does not register without seeing the detailed packet exchange between it and

3. Is there any cost involved for to get live SIP address ? What is the
cost ? I didn't find any information about cost in the web site.

It is free, cf. text at the bottom at for ex.


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