Re: [Ekiga-list] mem leak and undesired OPTIONS and PUBLISH calls

On 30/01/13 20:16, Stuart D Gathman wrote:
On 01/30/2013 09:59 AM, Eugen Dedu expounded in part:
On 30/01/13 01:32, James Cloos wrote:
I have ekiga 4.0.0 installed on a gentoo box.

I left it running for a few hours, and the RSS and VM values show
evidence of a significant leak. Right now there are at 2201m and
145m after 6:30 hours.

This has just been fixed, see
I am compiling this, and can post result on the web for Fedora 17 if
anyone needs it.

It also sends SIP OPTIONS calls to three of the registrars which I
configured, using my posix username at each host, even though that
string is not specified anywhere in the ekiga configuration. And
especially not in the account configs.

I think this was fixed by
Where more precisely is your posix username put in OPTIONS?

That patch actually *adds* the username and some additional debugging:

--- opal/branches/v3_10/src/sip/sipep.cxx 2013/01/11 02:52:30 28848
+++ opal/branches/v3_10/src/sip/sipep.cxx 2013/01/11 03:27:06 28849
@@ -223,11 +223,13 @@
== NULL)

+ PTRACE(4, "SIP\tNAT Binding refresh for " << handler->GetMethod()
+ << " to " << handler->GetAddressOfRecord() << ", id=" <<
switch (natMethod) {
case Options:
SIPOptions::Params params;
+ params.m_addressOfRecord = handler->GetAddressOfRecord().GetUserName();
params.m_remoteAddress = transport->GetRemoteAddress().GetHostName();

I rather think that it *changes* the username, see next e-mail.


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