Re: [Ekiga-list] mem leak and undesired OPTIONS and PUBLISH calls

On 30/01/13 01:32, James Cloos wrote:
I have ekiga 4.0.0 installed on a gentoo box.

I left it running for a few hours, and the RSS and VM values show
evidence of a significant leak.  Right now there are at 2201m and
145m after 6:30 hours.

This has just been fixed, see

It also sends SIP OPTIONS calls to three of the registrars which I
configured, using my posix username at each host, even though that
string is not specified anywhere in the ekiga configuration.  And
especially not in the account configs.

I think this was fixed by Where more precisely is your posix username put in OPTIONS?

In fact it has no meaning at all on those systems.  And ekiga even
ignores the 404 not found sent back by one of those gateways.

The reason of those OPTIONS is to keep NAT alive, so they should be sent no matter if it gets error or not.

It seems to send those OPTIONS every second or so.  As well as three-dup
bursts of PUBLISH packets to a couple of the registries each second or so.

This is because of the fixed bug above.  OPTIONS are sent each 10 secs.

I also noticed that if I remove a new account, ekiga does not stop
trying the register with it.  (In this case I removed it because
the registration didn't work.)

Could you start a new e-mail thread and explain better what you do to reproduce this?

I didn't see any way of specifying that a given proxy does not do
presence.  Did I miss one?

No, I think there is no such option. Does this hurt you? There are only a few packets dealing with presence.

What about controling the OPTIONS calls?  I see from NEWS that it is
done to keep the NAT up, but every second?  And it probably should use
the authentication user rather than the posix username.

Already answered.

Git-grep(1)ing through the src didn't show me where the calls to send
the PRESENCE and OPTIONS packets are, so I can't answer my own

Because they are in opal, not in ekiga :), see


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