Re: [Ekiga-list] "remote party host is offline"

On 10/01/13 05:03, Jim Habegger wrote:
I'm trying to use ekiga on a Vista laptop and an XP laptop behind the same
NAT router. It worked on both laptops for a few days, without any port
forwarding, then it stopped working, on both at the same time. On both of
them it doesn't register, and I get the message "remote party host is

I don't want to use port forwarding or triggering, because I want to use
ekiga on both laptops if possible, and it *did* work that way for a few

It stopped working after I installed some other softphones to try them out,
but I made sure they weren't running when I tried to use Ekiga.

Does anyone know, is the Ekiga server off line? If not, does anyone have
any ideas for me to try, besides port forwarding or triggering? is offline, again!  It will be started soon...


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