Re: [Ekiga-list] Help! I'm a newbie.

On 02/01/13 11:15, Melvin Tyner wrote:
I am using Windows 7.
I just want to use Ekiga on my Home Network. That's all.
But I am having big problems.

My account (I signed up for fails to to be listed as registered.
I keep getting the below error messages:

Could not register (Remote party host is offline).

I tried to connect to my computer from my daughter's laptop.
I got: User not found.

I think I did the setup settings incorrectly.

Can you please tell me what I should enter for "Outbound Proxy"?
Also, I could use help on all the other settings as well.

You should not enter anything in Outbound proxy.

All the errors you have come from the same problem: you do not register. Try registering now and if it does not work be sure that you have the correct user and password and send us the -d 4 output, cf.


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