Re: [Ekiga-list] Receiving calls

On 30/12/12 18:47, gideon425 ekiga mailnull com wrote:
Thanks for the response Eugen.

I registered on but it seems that the conference room 501 is broken.

When I call 501 ekiga net, I get a window popping up with the error "Could not register to XXX, Globally not acceptable" where XXX is my user name.

Well, right now registration does not work anymore... Damien will restart the server tomorrow... Hopefully he will upgrade the server soon and all this mess will disappear.

I get this regardless of the user and password I configure with ekiga.

I conclude that SIP server is down.

I assume from your email that Damien often takes the system down and plans to work on improving things.

I suggest that the web site be updated if the conference rooms are not available. Also, ekiga could produce a better error message than "Globally not acceptable". I suggest "No response from" or something similar

Come back to me after tomorrow if it still does not work.


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