Re: [Ekiga-list] Feature request

On 22/02/13 17:41, Bret Busby wrote:

I do not know whether this is the correct place to make this feature
request, but I will ask, anyway.

In Ekiga, when I search the directory for a name, for example,
busby, it returns a list of (11) people with the string "busby" in our
names (I say "Our", as I am included).

But, in the window in which the names are listed, it does not include

Similarly, if I search using the string "New Zealand", it returns only a
name that includes the string "New Zealand" within the name.

In Skype, in the personal profile, it can include Mobile Phone Number,
Country, City, and Language.

Is it possible to include, in the Personal Data screen in Ekiga, boxes
to enter, in addition to Full name, also, Locality (allowing for town,
and districts, in addition to cities/suburbs, and, an abbreviation for
state/province), Country, and Language, and, possibly, timezone (in
terms of <UTC+/-hhmm>), and, for this information to be displayed in the
Contacts, and Address Book Search results, windows, in a format like
Full name...Language...Locality...Country...Timezone

Once again, I do not know whether this is already included in the latest
version of Ekiga, but, if not, it could be useful, and, could avoid
people calling other people at incovenient times (provided people enter,
and, use, the Timezone values).

It is a useful feature I think. It was available once upon the time, but now it is not available anymore. As ekiga is now stable and major bugs have been fixed, we can think about this enhancement too.


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