Re: [Ekiga-list] h323 account gatekeeper

I am really sorry, but I do not know what happens.

It also strange that there is no such info on -d 4, are you sure?

Otherwise, the only option is to ask the same question to opalvoip-user lists sourceforge net mailing list, which is in charge of SIP and H323 protocols.


On 19/10/12 15:21, Marzin Jean-Yves wrote:
Unfortunately, there is no info with debug info -d 4, on the registering
stage to the gatekeeper. By sniffing the network, under windows there
are 2 consecutive request to the gatekeeper, the second one coming from
34963 profinet-rtm to the same 1719 port of the gatekeeper, this second
request being answered, whereas under ubuntu, there is only one RAS
request, staying unanswered...

On 14/10/2012 18:47, Eugen Dedu wrote:
On 12/10/12 19:26, Marzin Jean-Yves wrote:
In the last versions of Ekiga (3.2.7 or 3.9.9) for ubuntu (12.04), it
seems there is a problem to register an account on h323 gatekeeper.
In the same network, with the same machine on a virtual windows XP, no
problem with both windows versions. Seems that there is no problem
either with CentOs.
My network administrator tells me that whatever account is configured, a
SIP account type registration is used, which thus fails ????

Please send us the debug output (-d 4) from both ubuntu and windows,
see sections 1.1 and 2.1 at

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