Re: [Ekiga-list] Installing Ekiga-3.9.90 Icons Missing For DialPad and Contacts

Le 26/08/2012 04:00, *Eugen Dedu* wrote:

It seems that icons are really down to the gtk icon theme? I have been
using LaGaDesk-BlackWhite-II, so it looks like I need a theme with a
fuller set of icons?

Yes.  I use gnome-icon-theme package, what is the name of this package
in your distribution?  I is mandatory in this version, since it provides
some icons.  I have to add it as dependency, but I do not know exactly
yet how.

gnome-icon-theme is installed on my Mageia 2 distrib but several menu icons are missing in ekiga-3.9.90 I just compiled. Please give me the name of the needed icons files, or the place where to find them, so perhaps I could put some symlinks somewhere ?

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